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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Hi! We are Monumentalps, a new road cycling tour provider in the Alps. Our mission is to provide amazing road cycling experiences on our beautiful pass roads - and share them with people from all over the world.

But why exactly are we starting our own tour operating company ( the middle of an on-going pandemic)?

We want to do it differently

Tourism is extremely resource-intensive. In fact, tourism is responsible for 5% of the global CO2 emissions. At the same time, tourism is one of the main drivers of cultural exchange and helps to open up new perspectives for many. Travel is an important aspect for many people, and also an important economic contributor. So if done right, tourism creates benefits that far outweigh the negative impacts. This is especially the case for eco-friendlier tourism, or adventure tourism, where emissions can be much lower during the trip than an all-inclusive holiday or a cruise. Additionally, cycling holidays are also a much healthier alternative to a beach chair. But we don't want to stop just there. We want to become a fully sustainable cycling tour provider. We want to create unique and unforgettable experiences with people you will love, in an environment that you will love, and where sustainability comes first. Find out more about our sustainability concept on the Our Values page. Some steps are very simple, like using electric mobility and trains more than combustion engines or encouraging a strictly plant-based diet. Others are a little more complex, and we will shine a light on them in upcoming blog posts. .

We want to do it here

Let's face it: the Alps offer some of the world's best cycling. There are a million great places across the globe. We ourselves have enjoyed riding in Morocco or up a volcano on Maui, Hawai'i, or through endless groves of Redwood in California. We have met great people and service providers in these places far away from home. And this is exactly what we want to become for our guests.

Switzerland has long taken on the nickname of "Swissneyland" for cyclists because the Alps have it all*: Climbs, Views, Great infrastructure, and A fantastic public transportation network that has gotten us out of many a pickle. We have long-standing traditions and history, unique cultural aspects, rich diversity in languages and origins... Many will think of the iconic images of the grand tours and smaller tours televised across the globe like the Tour de France and Tour de Suisse. So come to the Alps and ride with Monumentalps. We will show you how much we love it, and we are more than certain that you will love it, too.

And until then, stay tuned to this blog to follow our journey.

* In a cyclist's perspective: At least over the Summer months when the snow is gone and the passes are open :)

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