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Sustainability first


We are from here. We love the mountains, we love cycling here, and we will show you how much we love it. We all speak the local languages, which enables you to dive into the local cycling culture. And because we want our home to last, sustainability is a key factor for us. We offset the carbon footprint of the whole trip at no extra cost, we reduce single use plastics wherever possible, we never leave any trash anywhere, and give back to the local community.


Monumentalps is certified to fulfill the criteria of Swisstainable-certified.
(Level 1) of Switzerland Tourism.



Focused on sustainability, community and authenticity

We love what we are doing, and we are enabling our guides and our clients to do something they love. We never inflict any harm on anybody or anything. In the same logic, we stand in for animal rights and offer vegetarian or vegan options on every occasion.

Safety & backup

The safety of our employees, guides, supporters and riders is our top priority. We enforce basic personal safety rules such as wearing a helmet and using bicycles that are up to code regarding illumination etc. We actively discourage risky behaviour. If an accident does occur, we are able to provide first aid with our support vehicle and get people to a safe place immediately.



About 80% of the time we spend on our tours, we are outdoors. We try to reduce our impact as much as possible, and where there if is no other option, we offset it to come as close to net-zero as possible. But sustainability does not only have the ecological dimension – it is also about enabling local value capture, about doing no harm, and about paying people a fair amount for the services provided for Monumentalps. Additionally, we will offset the carbon footprint of the whole trip at no extra cost.

Community & equality

We work with local tour guides who live for these experiences. Each and everyone of them has a burning passion for cycling. We want to enable a real transfer between the community and our visitors, making them our guests. We see all people of equal value. We consider all groups of people, such as age, gender or race, as equal and make this matter of course an alive part of our communication. We pay tribute to the local legacies and generate true and real experiences.


Authentic experiences matter

We pay tribute to the local legacies and generate true and real experiences. To live up to this, there is no other option than being the best in class regarding support, care, planning, flexibility, and the quality level of the experience we create for our customers.


Our founders

Monumentalps GmbH was founded in June 2021 by the two Swiss cycling enthusiasts Auri Teinilä and Patrick Häberli. Auri is an architect who cycles as much as she can on her free days. Patrick, with a business background, produces and hosts international tours for music groups. Together they decided to use their passion for cycling by founding Monumentalps.

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