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One-Day Cycling Tours

From 840 CHF per tour - Every day from Mid June to End of October

Want to ride through Switzerland's stunning nature away from the tourist masses, but don’t have a lot of time? Perhaps you're already in the country? Then booking a Monumentalps One-Day tour could be the perfect option for you. Our One-Day tours start wherever you are in Switzerland, with available departure points in Interlaken, Lucerne, Andermatt, Zermatt and the rest of the Valais, Gstaad, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald... you name it! Contact us directly in case you don't find a tour you like below.


What's Included

Epic single day highlights

Private tours only, no random groups

Choose from our selection of one-day trips to spend a great day riding in the alps.

Local Ride Guide

Our tour guides are members of the local cycling community and share our burning passion for cycling the alps. Our guides cover a wide range of skill levels: from the more casual rider to gritty QOM or KOM hunters. We also cover a wide range of age groups and genders. All guides are fluent in English as well as the local language and can provide all the know-how of the passes as well as all the (ride) support you might need.

No minimum number of participants

…because just you are the participant(s). We don't do ad-hoc groups. This trip is just for you, your own group of friends or family. Decide who you want to bring, you won't be mixed with other people or groups.

On-trip flexibility

Because this is your tour, and your tour only, we will have the possibility to make changes to the trip as we go. Bad weather, or worse: bad legs? We will figure out a plan B for the day.

Lunch & Snacks

One-Day trips include a cold cycling lunch & snacks only

Authentic experience in great surroundings

Riding on pass roads with a rich history that are true works of art, staying in quaint alpine lodges*, eating Raclette for dinner (OK, not every night)*, diving into the local culture, immersion of not just the roads but also the villages, the food and all its history. All this will bring you countless photo opportunities and unforgettable memories – on top of some of the world’s best cycling.

Born Sustainable

Our experience happens around some of the world’s greatest natural wonders, so it is an absolute no-brainer for us to preserve the environment. We aim to reduce our emissions as much as possible. We are sustainable by design - find more information on our our values page (link).

Women only options

All our trips are available as women-only ride options on request, of course at zero extra cost. This means that your guide will be female, and, whenever possible, also the support staff with the vehicle.




From 840 CHF per tour

Max. 4 participants

Distance: 80km, 1600 vertical meters. Good fitness required.

Difficulty: Medium

Tour runs Every day from Mid June to End of October

We meet you early in the morning at your accommodation, then we start out along Lake Brienz, one of the most pristine and wonderful lake rides we know. From Brienz, we change to dedicated cycling paths along cattle pastures, waterfalls and epic mountain faces. Once we reach Meiringen, we start the climb to Grosse Scheidegg. After a little while, the pass is closed for car traffic, and it gets more spectacular after every turn. The descent goes to Grindelwald and its century-old alpine history with some of the world’s most famous mountain faces, before we return Interlaken where we started.




From 840 CHF per tour
Distance: 75km+, 1750 vertical meters. Good fitness required.
Difficulty: Medium

Tour runs Every day from Mid June to End of October

Start in the city, but get the full Swiss cycling experience! We meet you early in the morning at Zurich main station, where we take our bikes on a train for a short ride along Lake Zurich to Ziegelbrücke. From there, we start our ride of the day on dedicated paved cycling trails before we start Klausenpass climb at the end of the valley. The pass road gains altitude quickly, opening up spectacular views onto the valley and the mountain landscapes below. After this first ramp, we reach Urnerboden for a short breather along this beautiful plain - before we're back in switchbacks heaven, close to the face of the mountain, sometimes we share the road with cows, and keep on climbing. After a couple more switchbacks, and still in awe of the amazing engineering of the Swiss roadbuilders, we reach the top. After a long descent, we cruise through Altdorf with the famous William Tell statue. After just another short trip, we arrive in Flüelen, where we will either relax on a boat-trip to Lucerne, and train back to Zurich, or we keep on riding - up to you at this point!




From 840 CHF per tour

Distance: 120km, 3750 vertical meters. Very good fitness required.

Difficulty: Expert

Tour runs Every day from Mid June to End of October

Our tour for the avid cyclist(s) - three of the greatest passes of the alps in one day. We start in Andermatt, warming up our legs on a flatter first bit, before we start climbing Furka pass in Realp. Furka is one of our all-time favorites and we're sure you will see why: The climb is nicely gradual, great rythm, and everchanging landscape after every turn. After we've reached the top, it's just another couple minutes until we stop at the most instagrammed hotel in alpine cycling: The Belvedere hotel, artistically built into a hairpin. There's another short descent, and then we start climbing the six famous switchbacks up to Grimsel pass with its amazing alpine landscape with lakes, glaciers and wildlife. After a long descent along waterfalls and epic mountain faces to Innertkirchen, we tackle the last pass of the day - starting through lush forests, interspersed small villages, gradually gaining altitude until high peaks and glaciers come into view. The descent takes us to the same valley Andermatt is located in, except we still have some altitude to gain until the finish line. But thanks to a brand-new cycling path, this is a pure joy regardless of how much the legs hurt at this point.